A little while ago I decided to move away from doing long-term projects and on to quicker, looser, more experimental type of stuff, for which I started a sketchbook. I won't be reposting the contents from the sketchbook over here, as I'd like to keep this place for more finished-looking things (which I'll still try to make every now and again), but you are welcome to follow/check that stuff out if you like at either of the following places:

CGHub Sketchbook  - probably offers the best viewing with the least amount of scrolling; Sketchbook - same as above, just a bit busier;
CGFeedback Sketchbook - this one is older and has a bit more stuff, but most of the images are downrezzed and require clicking for high res versions.

There's quite a lot of stuff there already, and I try to update it every week.

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