A little while ago I decided to move away from doing long-term projects and on to quicker, looser, more experimental type of stuff, for which I started a sketchbook. I won't be reposting the contents from the sketchbook over here, as I'd like to keep this place for more finished-looking things (which I'll still try to make every now and again), but you are welcome to follow/check that stuff out if you like at either of the following places:

CGHub Sketchbook  - probably offers the best viewing with the least amount of scrolling; Sketchbook - same as above, just a bit busier;
CGFeedback Sketchbook - this one is older and has a bit more stuff, but most of the images are downrezzed and require clicking for high res versions.

There's quite a lot of stuff there already, and I try to update it every week.

A Gift of Technology

"... as a culmination of my work... leaving you these as a means to make lives easier and to build a better world..." Was written on a scroll that was dug out at a site of a long perished civilization.

Dark Armour Design

Another symmetrical mech design. This one was done mostly in Painter.

October, and some new works

Some new images. From left to right: "Green Marine", "Evil Cactus No More" and "Aiah, Sister to the Fire." Aiah is best viewed in high res: here

Drahl "Brawler" Concept Revisit

A somewhat repainted concept of Drahl "Brawler" from a two-year-old version. Wanted to see if I could solve some of the older problems now that I think that I've improved. I still don't think it's getting there, so C&C are welcome.

Older iterations for anyone interested:
2010 version: front back
2008 version: here
2007 version: here
2007 idea exploration: here


Did this over the spring break. It started off as a doodle, exercise in drawing stuff in perspective, with cross-sections, etc, inspired by industrial and product design drawings. About half way through though it turned into a painting. Glow, a robot, wandering through a derelict space station. Hope you like, and thanks for looking.

Metal, undeath and application to Art Center

Some new images: a couple of the older ones reworked and a few that I did as part of my portfolio to Art Center.


I've been meaning to do something evil and/or metal inspired for a while. I'm not sure if I succeeded at that, but this was what came out. A more finished version of a WIP that I had in a gallery here for some time.

Let the healing begin..

Hopefully, mine. Also a more finished version of a WIP in my gallery here. The idea for this originated from a russian joke/saying: " if the doctor says (you're bound) for the morgue, then to the morgue you go. I.e if they pronounced you dead, you don't argue -- they have the expertise. A sarcastic remark I heard used when 'authority' told you to do something you didn't like.

Followed up and re-imagined in a similar vein, in here the patient is obviously not quite dead, being followed by the 'doc'.


The following images were part of my application to Art Center from January. They are, supposedly, linked by a story and happen within the same world.


I had to do an interesting cityscape with a vehicle and a character, a frame in a story. I've never really done stuff like that before, and there's certainly room for improvement. If you have some suggestions/comments, I'd be glad to hear.


-Traveling economy class. Here I tried to do a more stylized, situational illustration. Also something I haven't really done before. Not sure if it's quite there yet, but I am at a loss as to what can be done to improve it. Other than maybe rendering it some more and maybe refining that window too..


-A more conventional vehicle and a character. More of a vehicle design exercise for me, the illustration itself feels very common though:/

Please feel free to leave comments/suggestions. Thanks.

A dragon and a zombie.

"Undead Warrior" and "Blue Dragon". Yes, will need to come up with more imaginative titles..  High Res of the dragon: here