Demo Reel of 2007

The outtakes from my demo reel:

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*Punk character is a take on a real person from photo sessions at

*Soulblighter's original concept was taken from Bungie's "Myth2: Soulblighter" game, and then somewhat modified. A promotional painting by Craig Mullins can be found here.

*Drahl Infantry and "Wiggles" were done from my own concepts.

Demo Reel on Veoh:

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- Download large version (HD 720) from the downloads pane on the left.

Punk Shaded Views:

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Drahl infantry and "wiggles"



- Original low res base at 3,187 faces, 6,269 triangles without hair and jewelry, which don't have low res versions.

- Base mesh in the scene with refined torso and all accessories at 50K+.

- Meshes could still be optimised further for game engines.


- Current base mesh at 3,816 faces

- The whole base level scene is at 14,023 faces, without grass - 336,187 with. Grass was paint fx in maya converted to polygons for speed.

- Character model could be optimised further for game engines.

Drahl Infantry and "Wiggles":

- Drahl Girl is at 85,980 polygons, base mesh

- "Wiggles" is at 167,085 polygons, base mesh without long wires

- The whole scene is at 289,546 of 0 level. It recieves level 2 smooth subdivision for rendering, as well as a displacement for the ground.

Software Used:
  • Autodesk Maya
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Pixologic Zbrush
  • Adobe AfterEffects