Demo Reel of 2007

The outtakes from my demo reel:

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*Punk character is a take on a real person from photo sessions at

*Soulblighter's original concept was taken from Bungie's "Myth2: Soulblighter" game, and then somewhat modified. A promotional painting by Craig Mullins can be found here.

*Drahl Infantry and "Wiggles" were done from my own concepts.

Demo Reel on Veoh:

- Smaller version. Double Click on the video to see it bigger on Veoh, or:

- Download large version (HD 720) from the downloads pane on the left.

Punk Shaded Views:

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Drahl infantry and "wiggles"



- Original low res base at 3,187 faces, 6,269 triangles without hair and jewelry, which don't have low res versions.

- Base mesh in the scene with refined torso and all accessories at 50K+.

- Meshes could still be optimised further for game engines.


- Current base mesh at 3,816 faces

- The whole base level scene is at 14,023 faces, without grass - 336,187 with. Grass was paint fx in maya converted to polygons for speed.

- Character model could be optimised further for game engines.

Drahl Infantry and "Wiggles":

- Drahl Girl is at 85,980 polygons, base mesh

- "Wiggles" is at 167,085 polygons, base mesh without long wires

- The whole scene is at 289,546 of 0 level. It recieves level 2 smooth subdivision for rendering, as well as a displacement for the ground.

Software Used:
  • Autodesk Maya
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Pixologic Zbrush
  • Adobe AfterEffects


Jon God said...

I know this post is old as old, but I was googling "Soulblighter" and this came up.

Props! That is amazing!

I was wondering if you had any interest in Rendering soulblighter to be used in game in Myth 2, or donating the model so someone else might be able to.

Thanks for reading, and again, good Job
-Jon God

Alex Bobylev said...

Hey, sorry, I only just noticed your comment.

Do you mean in the original Myth2:Soulblighter game? I don't really know enough about sprites and that particular engine to be able to pull it off on my own.

I don't have a problem donating the model to someone who could do that though. Thing is - the model wasn't optimized for games, so it has tons of different textures to make it look as it does in the render. There was some post work too.. In other words, it would need some additional work for it to become donatable. I would also need to know more of how it is meant to go into the game to prepare it.

Otherwise the complete asset is too big to be transferred over net and it would need to be re-assembled on the other end to render nicely on top.

Jon God said...

Well, I know some people have have been rendering and animating higher resolution models for Myth for years, and they mentioned seeing your render in a google image search, so I looked it up, and I am 99.9% positive they would do whatever it would take to get it up and running in Myth II.

Most of the original Bungie Myth II models have found their way into the hands of the community, however amount the few missing models is the Soulblighter model, which is a shame since he's the title of the game even.

A few groups of people are working together to try and make all the units in the game much higher resolution, and, like I said before, I think at least one of them would do whatever it took to get the model in game.

If you are curious, you can see some screenshots of higher resolution models here:

Also, what format is the model in?

(For adding to Myth, the model needs to be rendered from all the correct angles, usually with 8 different view points. The background and team colors are rendered at a specific color, so they can be cut out/changed.

After it is rendered, someone needs to turn the renders into a 'collection' which contains all the animation information, and collision information and such.

So the entire process is a bit of work, but some people have gotten it down to an art.)

Alex Bobylev said...

Interesting.. Well, I checked and it seems that I still have the t-pose version of this model, both low and high resolutions, so that's good. The model is in a maya scene.

Problem is that since I wasn't doing a strictly game character and I wanted to have as many effects and as much control over them as I could get -- there are almost 40 texture maps + a lot of maya materials, which means you could only get a render that is like the one in my portfolio using maya.

However, I am guessing you could get away with a current gen game res render (normal maps + diffuse + spec + alpha), it wouldn't look as good as in my render (although with some extra work it could look even better), but at least it would be more "universal" and I could have the model as obj. and textures as either .psd/.tif/.tga/whatever. If this is what you'd prefer, I d need some time to work on that, but I don't see too much of a problem.

Jon God said...

I found someone willing to render and get it ingame, and he was wondering what the size of the entire scene in Maya is?

Alex Bobylev said...

The scene in maya is just under 50 megs. The textures take up just over 2 gigs and if you want the high res zbrush models to generate normal/displacement maps from - that's another 700+ megs. High res models aren't necessary for the render though.

There's also a custom layered shader that he would need to install for maya to make this set up work, but I'll include it.

Jon God said...

For the moment, it sounds like just the maya scene and textures would be all that is needed.

Is it possible for the files to be uploaded online some place?

Alex Bobylev said...

Yes, I think so. Could you email me with your email address? (it's at the top of the main page on the right) Probably better to communicate in that way heh.