Started as a paintover of one of my earlier works, but then ended up as its own painting. Done using Painter and Photoshop.


Jamie said...

Totally forgot to leave a comment on FB - colors are really well handled! I like the gif you made of your process - interesting that her face is the only part carried all the way through. Why you not taking quick studies?

Alex Bobylev said...

Thanks man. Yeah, originally it was only meant to be a limited, re-touching/pose fixing endeavor, but I got carried away and at some point it was already too different to just leave it be, heh.

The head orientation was the only thing that I didn't mind too much. Although, the face itself is different now if you compare it on the higher res images.

By quick studies you mean the class? I am out of classes :/ I am taking heads + hands and animation portfolio 2 this semester, then I'll just have 2 major classes that I thought to spend on adv. figure drawing + painting. There are still a lot of classes that I want to take..